Nature's Hydration, Fresh from the Fruit

Meet the one and only water tapped from 100% real fruit - naturally pure and nutrient-rich.


A water source that preserves Earth's precious underground water reserves.

Planet positive

Savor the naturally occurring water hidden within every juicy fruit.

Hydration by fruit

Enjoy 100% DV vitamin C + antioxidants to keep you feeling tip-top.

Immune support

Nope not fruit juice - it's fruit water

We’ve crafted an innovative way to extract the purest water from water-rich fruits.

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Our thirst for goodness

We set out to find a superior water source — one that offers health benefits beyond hydration and is kinder to our planet.

Fruit is about 90% natural water

Let nature’s ultimate thirst-quencher rejuvenate your body.

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What our happy sippers have to say

Rated 4.9/5 by 80+ Reviews
refreshing. delicious.
The flavor is like a nice dry seltzer with a hint of fruity sweetness. —Valancy S
Juuuuust right
Great tasting, not too sweet, with just the right amount of fizz. It’s perfect! —Jeff B
tastes good + super natural
I love how the flavors are natural and derived from the actual fruit. —Grace K

Stay refreshed with WAJU