Going where no water has gone before

Come join the refreshingly sustainable water movement.

It began with a belief that a better water source exists

After searching far and wide, we discovered an overlooked water source that was regularly discarded—fruit.

Knowing that fruit is about 90% water, we found that there was a massive societal need to upcycle this water instead of tossing it back into the environment.

Waju is guided by a small team with equal parts imagination and determination. Our mission is to positively change the world by upcycling a new sustainable water source with an incredible taste.


Chris Oates, Founder

What’s a Waju?

\ wä-jo͞o \

Quick dip definition

WAter from fruit JUice. Neat, right?

Discover the
secret meaning

To define “Waju” is to put words to the wordless, because Waju is actually more than a water—it’s a feeling, an emotion, a magical inner force that gives everyone the superpower to simply believe.

Doing so makes the improbable possible and the unimaginable a reality. Waju is the secret sauce that propels us toward something better than before, and makes the world a little kinder and life a little sweeter. Now go and Waju!

Our Secret is in the squeeze

harvest water-rich fruit

Fruit trees collect rainwater and their fruit is picked at peak ripeness.

save & upcycle water

Fruit suppliers press the fruit and dehydrate out the water...we capture and save it.

Bottle up the fun

We then add bubbles, a splash of organic juice & amla berry for extra antioxidants.

Sourcing transparency

You care about where your food comes from and what’s in it, so why not your water? Our ingredients start and end with bright juicy fruit—even the water.

Sweet nothings

Fruit has a ton of healthy nutrients—and also a lot of sugar. With WAJU, you get the goodness of fruit-sourced vitamin C and antioxidants, but without the glucose spike.

Always organic

Waju only uses organic fruit ingredients—no GMOs, antibiotics, or other weird stuff—giving you the clean, crisp taste of water-rich fruit.

We believe a little imagination can do big things

We are eternal optimists who believe that doing things differently leads to better solutions for the planet.

strawberry voyage

lemon odyssey

blueberry escape