Going where no water has gone before

Come join the refreshingly sustainable water movement.

The quest for a better water source

Our adventure began with the idea that there's a superior, sustainable water source out there. And guess what? We found it hiding in plain sight – fruit!

Since fruit contains about 90% water, we saw a golden opportunity to upcycle this valuable resource instead of wasting it.

At WAJU, our small team of dreamers and doers are on a mission to make a positive impact by transforming fruit water into a delicious and sustainable beverage.


Chris Oates, Founder

What’s a Waju?

\ wä-jo͞o \

Quick dip definition

WAter from fruit JUice. Neat, right?

Discover the
secret meaning

"WAJU" is more than just water – it's a feeling, an emotion, a magical force empowering us to believe in the seemingly impossible.

It's our secret sauce that drives us to make the world a little kinder and life a little sweeter. Now, let's Waju!

Our Secret is in the squeeze

harvest water-rich fruit

Fruit trees soak up rainwater and their fruit is picked at peak ripeness.

save & upcycle water

Fruit suppliers press the fruit and dehydrate out the water... we capture and save it.

Bottle up the fun

We then add bubbles, a splash of organic juice & amla berry for extra antioxidants.

Sourcing transparency

You care about your food's origins, and so do we. Our ingredients begin and end with bright, juicy fruit – even the water.

Sweet nothings

Fruit offers tons of healthy nutrients—and also a lot of sugar. With WAJU, you'll enjoy fruit-sourced vitamin C and antioxidants without the glucose spike.

Always organic

We're committed to using only organic fruit ingredients – no GMOs, antibiotics, or other oddities – just the clean, crisp taste of water-rich fruit.

A little imagination goes a long way

We're eternal optimists who believe that thinking differently leads to innovative solutions for our planet.

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